All Things Amateur Radio
All Things Amateur Radio


Hi. I’m Steve, WB8YLO. I’m an Extra Class amateur radio licensee and this is my ham radio web site. I am interested in communications. I am interested in radio communication in particular. I have a quite modest station so I’m not a top DXer, Super contester, or anything else that requires large amplifiers, huge antenna arrays, and the like.

My interests in radio communication are many and varied and are subject to change at any time. I consider this a big plus for amateur radio. There is always something new and interesting to do. There is always something to learn.

I do enjoy working the occasional contest. I generally prefer CW (Morse code) over voice and digital modes.

I am a life member of the ARRL. I am an ARRL volunteer examiner and have an Official Relay Station (ORS) field appointment.

My current big interest is in passing traffic via the National Traffic System. I am the acting net manager of the Ohio Slow Net. This is a slow speed CW training net and part of the Ohio NTS section net. I also frequently check in to my local ARES traffic net and act as liaison to the Ohio Section CW net, the Buckeye Net, where I am the net manager, frequent net control and Eighth Region Net representative. I also am a frequent NCS for the evening session of the Eighth Region Net and representative to the Eastern Area Net. I occasionally do check in to the Ohio Single Sideband Net, a state-wide voice net.

I also have a big interest in hardware and homebrew construction. Constructing and using my own equipment, whether my design or designed by others, is quite enjoyable. Using homebrew equipment gives me a great sense of pride and accomplishment.

My intent is to post a lot of training and reference material on this site. There is a ton of information out in net-land and elsewhere and sometimes it is difficult to find. I intend to gather a lot of useful information here and make it easy to find. I am also interested in training. I will be publishing a lot of training material here, also.

I’ll get started by posting what I think will be useful. How it goes will depend upon those of you who read this material and contact me with corrections, questions, comments and requests. You, the reader, will determine the ultimate direction the web site takes. I’m excited about the prospects and am looking forward to seeing the site grow. Enjoy!