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Build up your radio communication skills through contesting. It's great training.

Cut numbers are a way to shorten the time needed to send numbers. This is especially useful in CW contests.

Slow speed CW training nets can provide training and experience making passing traffic via the Morse code easier and more fun for the CW operator.

Sometimes it is difficult to get a message across the circuit correctly and you need to resort to spelling the words of the message. This is where the 'International Radiotelephony Spelling Alphabet' comes in.

The characters and symbols of the International Morse Code (English version) are listed along with how each character is voiced.

Q and Z signals are used throughout the world, by both civilian and military organizations. These operating signals aid in improving the accuracy and efficiency of radio communications.

When learning CW, you might see a line over two letters. What does that 'overscore' mean".

Maintaining traffic and net logs makes filing your SAR and PSHR reports easy.

The Public Service Honor Role report should be submitted to the ARRL by amateur radio operators monthly to qualify for recognition of their amateur radio operating activities.

The use of punctuation in NTS formal message traffic is subject to several special rules. Knowing these rules can help eliminate confusion and misunderstanding when passing formal message traffic.

The FCC rules for identifying your transmissions, though short, may not be easy to comprehend. Repeaters add some not-so-obvious complications to proper identification.

The 'Station Activity Report' is how amateur radio operators inform their ARRL Section Traffic Manager of their station's traffic handling activity.

Does it bother you when the net you are working is not on a published frequency? Are you thinking (to yourself, of course!) that the NCS really screwed up this time? Keep reading. You just might be happier for it!

Use an on-line map to find your decimal latitude and longitude and convert them to degrees, minutes, seconds, and, to a Maidenhead grid location.